The police officer Job is Seperated to 5 ranks,

Cadet, Private, Corporal, Sergeant And Lieutenant, Read more information Below.

To Join the Rank Edit

To join this rank you need to have 5 Trusted Points. Go to the nearst police location and talk to the NPC, You'll get more information about it and your application will be submitted to the Supervisors(Sergeant+)

Cadet Edit

The Cadet is the very basic rank you earn when you just got accepted into the job. It'll take two In-game months(2 days) for you to finish the training and rank up to the Private.

Private Edit

Finally, You've finished the training! Now you'll go to patrols, respond to reports, guard certian areas, and of course - Enforce the Law. You get the: Glock-18, Handcuffs, Nightstick and Tazer!

Corporal Edit

A Promotion! You are Now Capable to Achive the Shotgun and the Shock Gas Or

To use the Shotgun (you must Get permmision from a Sergeant+).

Sergeant Edit

Finally, A supervisor! You Can Train Cadets, Promote Privates, Fire Employees, and Of course, Use your shotgun all the time(probably what 60% of you will want)!

You can also get into the Main Armory in case you'll need(Permission from a Lieutenant Required)

Lieutenant Edit

The Only higher than you is the Countery Deputy Chief and The country Chief, You are responsible for a complete city(server in our case), You now: Use the MP5 and the M4A1 Carbine[Silenced], You can promote and demote everyone(but you of course)!

You Cannot Achive this rank until you have 500 Trusted Points & An acceptance of a Developer