The Team Edit

Note: Soon all of them will register.

Im going to show here all the team members that take a part of the Game.

Roster: Head Developer - Community Manager - Developer - Moderator - Wikia Moderator

Head Developers Edit

JustKidding [Private - United Kingdom - Male]

Light [Marnie Elwyn - United States - Female]

Community Managers Edit

ItsAnAce [Private - United Kingdom - Male]

Developers Edit

None are choosen yet.

Moderators Edit

Copyright [Private - German - Male]

Wikia Moderators Edit

None are choosen yet. (will be choosen by us)

Join Our team! Edit

Want to join our team?

Leave a Message on my wall with:

  • What do you Want to be?(Developer, Moderator)
  • Why Do you deserve it?(500 words atleast)
  • Skype?
  • Example of a Custom Game Menu for the Source Engine?(Developers only)